9 Hot Yoga Products That Any Beginner Or Advanced Yogi Will Love

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I was tricked into attending my first-ever hot yoga class roughly five years ago.

A coworker turned friend asked if I wanted to go to a yoga class after work. Despite the fact that I had never been a yoga person, I agreed. The stress of my job combined with postgrad adulthood angst meant that I had not worked out in months.

However, when a procession of people with makeup dripping down their faces exited the class before ours, I realized my pal had left out a crucial part of this invitation: It was hot yoga. I felt misled, bitter, and, frankly, terrified.

Five years later, I’m now grateful for that sneaky introduction because hot yoga has become a big part of my life that I may have never willingly tried on my own. (Emily, if you’re reading this, thank you.)

When COVID hit, one of the things I missed most were my weekly (or sometimes twice-weekly) hot yoga classes. I had become obsessed with the classes, which were a challenge for my mind and body. I advanced from that first upbeat 90-degree room to a calm yet intense 105-degree studio.

Now that I’m finally feeling comfortable attending in-person exercise classes again, hot yoga has been the most difficult to get back into. It takes time to adjust to moving your body in a hot room, and during the pandemic I lost much of the strength and flexibility I had built up.

Luckily, I had accumulated a solid amount of yoga gear and accessories that I loved and was excited to break those out again.