Apple AirPods Sale Alert: Get Them For 30% Off Right Now on Amazon

If you’re still part of the small population of people who don’t own a pair of Apple’s AirPods (or you just need to upgrade your current pair after letting one fall down the toilet—it happens!), today is your day. Amazon is having a surprise sale on their AirPods, so you can get them for just about $100.

AirPods (2nd Generation)



$109.99 (31% off)

Yep, Amazon knocked down their price by 30 percent, so you’ll end up saving nearly $50. And, in case you need a reminder about why AirPods are so popular, allow me to refresh your memory.

AirPods offer 24 hours of total listening time with just one charge, using the handy charging case it comes with. Translation? If your case is charged, the headphones will charge on their own every time you store them.

AirPods are also made with Apple’s H1 chip, which basically ensures that your wireless bluetooth connection delivers stable, high-quality sound. What about Siri, you ask? Yep, she’s available to assist and can even read your messages to you when you’ve got your pods on—perfect to use while working out. Setting them up is also easy. Because AirPods are made with in-ear detection, they automatically connect to your phone once you put them on.

Now that you’ve got the details, what you can do with these headphones is limitless. They can play motivating music throughout your workout, help you take work Zoom calls from your couch, or drown out the noise of whatever it is you don’t wanna hear—a *busy* neighbor, another episode of your kids watching Paw Patrol, or even construction (yeah, it’s a noisy world).

If you’re going to buy them for yourself or as a gift, make sure you add them to your cart ASAP. Amazon’s secret AirPods sales tend to come and go quickly, so you don’t want to miss out.

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