Brita’s Filtered Water Bottle Will Solve Every Water Bottle Annoyance You’ve Ever Had

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Finding the perfect water bottle has proved to be a journey not unlike that of finding the perfect pair of jeans or your lifelong winter coat. You’ll come across a lot of options that get the job done, sure. But they do so without the prestige or reliability of the one. Twist off caps, insulated bodies, shatterproof glass construction—they’re only water bottle placeholders. Brita’s filtered water bottle is the end game.

Water bottles have been this constant annoyance in my life. I want one because it helps cut down on one-time plastic use and also helps up my personal water intake. But I’ve found most water bottles to be leaky, heavy, metallic-tasting, or some other level of annoying. That is, until I tried Brita’s. It’s easy to use, spill-proof, and about as sustainable as you could want your water bottle to be.


The cap, which opens with a button, won’t spill at all.

Allie Holloway

You will not—cannot—spill it.

This is perhaps one of the biggest faults of affordable (read: cheap!) water bottles: spillage. If I can’t throw my water bottle into my black hole of a backpack without being crippled with fear of it spilling onto and into my laptop, then it’s a no from me. I like to make purchases that keep in mind my utter loathing for thinking about them after having purchased them. I just want them to do their jobs without hindrance, and Brita’s expertly engineered cap ensures just that.

Shop $22.99 $16.99,

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The straw lets even the laziest person drink with ease.

Allie Holloway

It’s like a sneaky adult sippy cup.

The number of times I’ve spilled water all over my face from the wide mouth of a more amateur water bottle is too embarrassing to publicly admit. It’s also why I look for something that minimizes my chances of embarrassment. Brita’s built-in straw lets you drink in peace in any situation that calls for it—in a meeting, in the gym, or while laying in your bed, too lazy to lift your upper half into a proper water-drinking position. Just wipe it down every day after use to avoid gunk accumulation.

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You’ll taste the difference a filter makes for bottled water.

Allie Holloway

It tastes good, every single time.

Aside from its impeccable construction, Brita of course brings its clean-water expertise to the bottle, too. The straw has a mini filter inside that filters the water as you sip it. So not only is it a pleasant experience, but the water itself tastes clean every sip you take. Don’t be fooled: Water can have a taste. Brita’s filter competence makes sure that taste is always, always good.

Shop $22.99 $16.99,

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