Britney Spears’s wedding was missing something and Drew Barrymore loved it

Drew Barrymore joined The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Monday, where she spoke about attending Britney Spears’s wedding in Thousand Oaks, California, on June 9. Barrymore and Spears only became friends in recent years, but have grown close. Spears’s wedding was a small but star-studded event.

“It was intimate, it was fairy tale-ish, it was very sweet,” Barrymore said. “It was, you know — there was no press. It was the way she wanted to do it.”

Though Barrymore was hanging out with the likes of Madonna, Donatella Versace and Selena Gomez, there was one thing in particular that she was grateful for.

“I also thanked her for not having a sit-down dinner,” Barrymore said. “God, do I hate sit-down dinners!” “What are you talking about?” Fallon asked. “Guess what, we all got dressed up,” Barrymore replied. “We all want to dance, and we want to hang out.”

Barrymore went on to explain exactly why she hates sit-down dinners at traditional wedding receptions.

“They always separate you, like, ‘We’re gonna force you into a new social endeavor.’ The person you came with that you want to hang out with is over there. Why did you do that?!” Barrymore said. “And now let’s eat some bizarre food that you didn’t choose. And… and… and I hate it!”

And Barrymore said that Spears got right down to business, and, of course, the dance party.

“They did the ceremony, she got right to the dance party, we had the best time,” Barrymore said, “and I was like, ‘Thank you!’”

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