Fleishman Is In Trouble Is Must-Watch TV

New York’s Upper East Side just got a bit more interesting thanks to the new series, Fleishman Is In Trouble. The show, based on Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s 2019 novel of the same name, follows Toby Fleishman, a recently divorced doctor whose ex-wife suddenly goes missing. Before we go any further: know that Jesse Eisenberg, Claire Danes, and Lizzy Caplan are in this thing, which is worth the price of admission alone. (More on that soon.)

The series (which debuted on November 17) begins with Fleishman, a newly single man, who decides to make an online dating profile. He goes into the scary world of apps thinking he’ll have trouble finding a match, but to his dismay, he’s a popular bachelor—like, really popular. With a trough of women to choose from, Fleishman begins a dating journey that he hopes will revamp his love life. But when his ex-wife, Rachel, drops his kids off early—and, again, disappears without a trace!—he’s tasked with unraveling their broken relationship to find her.

As Fleishman Is In Trouble unfolds, we’ll figure out what happened to Rachel—and why she left in the first place. If you’d like to tune into this New York-ified mystery, Fleishman Is In Trouble is available to watch on Hulu. The series belongs to the FX network, but it is exclusively distributed on the streamer. Until Fleishman Is In Trouble‘s season finale on December 9, a new episode will drop on Hulu every Thursday. Check out Fleishman Is In Trouble‘s full release schedule below.

November 17

Episode 1: “Summon Your Witnesses”

Episode 2: “Welcome to Paniquil”

November 24

Episode 3: “Free Pass”

December 1

Episode 4: “God, What an Idiot He Was”

December 8

Episode 5: “Vantablack”

December 15

Episode 6: “This Is My Enjoyment”

December 22

Episode 7: “Me-Time”

December 29

Episode 8: “The Liver”

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