“Here Are The Symptoms I Wish I’d Known Beforehand”: This 23-Year-Old Had Her Drink Drugged, And She Is Sharing Her Story To Help Others

Kat said of women, “We are trained to question ourselves. I did everything I could in my mind to bend all of these pretzels to be like, it was my fault somehow, or I’m just blowing this out of proportion — and, until my doctor was saying that’s not normal, without even really considering the possibility of what happened. So women are definitely not trained for this. And we’re blamed for so many things that happen to us, even if [we’re] not at fault.”

She concluded, “Symptoms are just as important as the preventative measures. I mean, I could have died. [Knowing them] can save someone from that or anything else happening … whether you’re looking out for them in someone else or in yourself.”