How Real Chefs Keep Their Kitchens Organized And Clutter-Free

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Real chefs know their way around a kitchen, and not just because they’re good at assembling ingredients — it’s because their workspace is likely really, really organized. When everything is labeled, dated and properly stored, putting a meal together is way more streamlined (and safer).

“It’s highly important to stay organized in a kitchen, from beginning to end,” said Rāsheeda Purdie, a chef instructor with CUNY Hostos Community College in the South Bronx and host of ラーメン Byrā ramen pop-ups across New York City.

When Purdie talks about cooking, she describes a big task made up of a million smaller tasks. “A kitchen or pantry has so many moving parts,” Purdie said. “You’re working with appliances, tools and equipment that involves food that you’re prepping, cooking and serving. For your day to run smoothly and remain that way, you must implement structure and organize.”

To help you utilize your cooking space and keep your kitchen clutter-free, we asked our favorite professional chefs for their tips, hacks and favorite tools for storing food.