Huckberry’s Sale Section Is Going Strong Ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are both right around the corner, which means it’s time to brace your wallets for shopping. Whether it’s fashion, tech, or home, this is the time when retailers offer their customers steep discounts on products they’ve been eyeing all year.

Which brings us to Huckberry, the online retailer you know and love for its extensive selection of outdoorsy menswear and gear. The site features heavy-hitter brands like Proof, Wills, Taylor Stitch, Vans, Patagonia, Lululemon and many more. From sleek joggers by Proof and comfortable button-downs by Flint and Tinder to quilted sweatshorts by Wellen and cozy sweaters by Wills, Huckberry offers a rolodex of men’s clothing. You can also snag home accessories like bedding and grills and purpose-built gear that includes items for surfing, running, and even some survival tools.

72-Hour Merino Long Sleeve Polo

Proof 72-Hour Merino Long Sleeve Polo

Now 30% Off

Double Gauze Shirt

Flint and Tinder Double Gauze Shirt

Now 26% Off

Jacquard Patchwork Short Sleeve Shirt

Wellen Jacquard Patchwork Short Sleeve Shirt

Now 46% Off

Wave Quilt Sweatshort

Wellen Wave Quilt Sweatshort

Now 25% Off

Meridian Cargo Jogger

Proof Meridian Cargo Jogger

Now 55% Off

The Coggins 'Sawtooth' Shoe

Rancourt & Co. The Coggins ‘Sawtooth’ Shoe

Now 15% Off

Pineapple Fiber Short Sleeve Shirt

Wellen Pineapple Fiber Short Sleeve Shirt

Now 41% Off

Alpine Running Shoes

Dynafit Alpine Running Shoes

Now 40% Off

Hatchet 6-Panel Performance Cap

Deso Supply Co. Hatchet 6-Panel Performance Cap

Now 31% Off

Ventana Sunglasses

Sunski Ventana Sunglasses

Now 31% Off

Last year, Huckberry customers saw deals of up to 30 percent off on garments from best-selling brands like Patagonia, Flint and Tinder and Roark, and it’s a good guess that customers could see the same kind of savings this year.

To prepare for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday festivities, we’ve rounded up some of the best deals you can shop right now in the Huckberry sale section. Don’t feel like waiting until the main event? Don’t! Just get shopping now and scratch that retail-therapy itch. But don’t forget Huckberry in your Black Friday/Cyber Monday blitz. We may not have a crystal ball, but we’re pretty sure the deals are going to be too good to ignore.

Jacorey Moon is a commerce editor at Hearst Magazines, where he covers small businesses, LGBTQ-owned businesses, BIPOC-owned businesses, fashion and grooming.

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