“I Left Their Office In Tears”: 31 Patients Are Opening About Up How Their Doctor Or Therapist Gaslit Them, And This Is Hearbreaking

22. “I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 24, and was about to start medication when I visited my neurologist to talk about how my medications would interact with other medications I was taking. As soon as I mentioned the word ADHD, my doctor went on a lengthy monologue about how ADHD isn’t real. I was attention seeking and looking for an easy way to score drugs; I was going to become ‘just another junkie,’ and I had so much potential if I didn’t let other people diagnose me with made up issues. His ranting took so long that the appointment actually ended before he did, and I didn’t get to address any of the concerns I had wanted to.”

“I had only just been diagnosed at this point, and I felt so alone already, as my parents and my then-boyfriend weren’t supportive, so to have a medical professional tell me I was wasting my life by getting diagnosed was just such an isolating feeling.

I paid $150 for that appointment so I could be yelled at and not helped, and I haven’t been back since.”