I Wore This $50 Pair of Amazon Jeans All Last Week

I wear denim nearly every single day. I’ve always been a blue-jean lover, but there’s something about working in the freelance world that truly requires the type of go-anywhere uniform denim provides. I’m a fashion writer and editor as well as co-owner of an antique and estate jewelry company, which means my days are filled with market appointments, client meetings, and a lot of sitting down to write—be it in a coffee shop, from home, or even on an airplane going from here to there.

Goodthreads Vintage Jean

Vintage Jean

Goodthreads Vintage Jean

Now 20% Off

Credit: Amazon

While I’ve stopped counting how many pairs of jeans I own and take care to rotate them all with (almost) equal love, I always seem to have “the one” that I gravitate toward more than most each season. And, most recently, that title has been held by a new addition to my closet.

Over the past few years, Amazon has been prioritizing its in-house brands, something I’ve noticed both as a shopper and a writer covering multiple labels. Many of the lines offer denim, and I’ve been intrigued for a while, but it wasn’t until I tried the straight-leg style from its Goodthreads brand that I became a believer.

Once I slipped into these babies, I didn’t take them off for the better part of a week.

In short, there’s a new top style on my denim pile this season. This particular pair is pretty stretchy, though the weave still feels heavy (preventing that lightweight jegging feeling I dislike). As such, they allow for total movement while still providing support and maintaining their structure.

Goodthreads Vintage Jean, Miner’s Wash

Vintage Jean, Miner's Wash

Goodthreads Vintage Jean, Miner’s Wash

Now 20% Off

Credit: Amazon

They’re cut at the ankle—the most flattering length for any pants in my opinion—and boast a slight flare at the hem. I opted for the slightly darker Miner’s Wash, though they are also sold in a lighter Worn Repair Wash with distressed patches above each knee.

I can’t recommend these jeans enough.

They took me from day to night, effortlessly styled for both morning coffee runs and client meetings alike. My go-to fall uniform is a pair of jeans, tucked-in cotton tee, slightly cropped, boxy wool or tweed collarless jacket, and a pair of loafers in any and every color of the rainbow.

This pair is just right for half-tucked tops.

The higher rise of these jeans allowed for the perfect tuck—one that’s flattering and easy to accomplish (you shouldn’t have to think too hard about how you’re tucking a shirt). It’s a go-to styling trick for me, and I ended up tucking tees, sweaters, and button-downs into these.

The darker wash lent itself to more tailored, professional occasions.

As a freelance writer, my days are filled with obligations that are by nature casual, but I still need to look polished. I wore these to a client meeting at the beginning of the week with a bright white cotton t-shirt, longline tweed blazer, and pointed-toe flats; later in the week I headed to a showroom appointment, my new favorite jeans topped with a half-tucked button-down, leather jacket, and oxfords.

I wore them after-hours, too.

They even got a few nights out on the town, styled with a slouchy, deep v-neck cashmere sweater one time and a silk camisole and leather jacket the next.

In short, if you saw me last week, it’s a sure bet you met my new favorite jeans. And they cost less than $50. (How’s that for a chic deal?) Shop this stretch kick-flare style here and browse more Amazon-brand blue jeans below.

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