Kevin Bacon surprised by Kevin Bacon restaurant in Argentina: ‘I’ll be talking to my attorney’

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Monday night, actor Kevin Bacon was surprised to learn about a fast food chain in Argentina that is heavily inspired by him.

“I want to ask you about something very strange,” Kimmel told Bacon as he pulled up an image of the restaurant’s logo, which read “Kevin Bacon Fast Good” around an image of Bacon’s face. Kimmel continued, “This is a fast food restaurant in Argentina and it looks like there are locations around the world called Kevin Bacon Fast Good.”

Being that the actor’s last name is Bacon, it isn’t the first time he’s been associated with food, particularly bacon burgers. However, since the actor did not give permission to use his name or likeness, and had no prior knowledge about the restaurant, particularly its brand image of being “f***ing porn food,” he didn’t seem too pleased, as he joked with Kimmel, “Listen, I clearly didn’t have photo approval. That is not a good picture. Some kind of clown face.”

“I gotta tell you, I think there are other Kevin Bacon restaurants that I don’t get any money for,” said Bacon. Kimmel was surprised that Bacon had no idea about the restaurant as he stated, “You’re kidding me! Wow, that’s how you know you’re famous when you’re getting ripped off in Argentina.”

Ultimately, Bacon simply stated, “I’ll be talking to my attorney. We’ll get it dialed in.”

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