One of the Best Sweats Brands Out There Is Releasing an Official NBA Collab

Standard Issue has come a long way from perfecting the not-so-basic T-shirt. The brand, launched by Jimmy Gorecki and Jarod Lee in 2017, eventually found its way onto some of the NBA’s greatest players, including none other than LeBron James (who’s worn Standard Issue’s much-lauded sweats many times) and Chris Paul. And that’s not to mention guys like Jay-Z, watching the action, also decked out in the brand. As of today, all those top-notch tunnel-walkers and courtside-sitters have something new to throw on when the mood strikes.

That’s because Standard Issue is officially teaming up with the NBA to release a limited, one-and-done capsule collection to celebrate the league’s 75th anniversary. The star of the show is a riff on the cardigan ($180) done up in fleece with an open front. There’s something similar on offer in the main line already, but for this big event, Gorecki, Lee, and company turned up the basketball bona fides by adding boldly striped cuffs, collars, and hems, a nod to classic varsity jackets. The vibe continues, in a big way, on the back, with block letters declaring a team name or slogan.

standard issue x nba collection


Each cardigan—eight in all, themed for the Bulls, Clippers, Knicks, Lakers, Nets, Seventy-Sixers, Suns, and Warriors franchises—is complemented by matching sweatpants ($130), which feature similar Standard Issue and NBA logo hits to the tops. (And, of course, come in matching team colors.) A note of caution: Don’t wait to see this stuff in the tunnel or on the edge of the court before scooping up some of your own. Standard Issue’s limited releases have a habit of selling out with some speed, and the stuff on offer in this collection is exclusive to the 2022 season and won’t be remade.

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