People Are Sharing Long-Held Habits They Developed In Childhood That They Later Realized Held A Much Deeper Meaning

11. “Cleaning or doing things behind the scenes for my family so they’re always happy, life goes smoothly, and my life is serene. The latter isn’t the case unfortunately; I’m exhausted and always on edge.”


“My house is spotless. Everyone is surprised my house is so clean when I have three kids. It’s totally a coping mechanism. If I’m upset or stressed, I clean, and with a baby, I’m stressed a lot. 

This behavior comes from my dad throwing epic fits if the house wasn’t clean and tidy. He would yell that he has four daughters, so why aren’t things clean? I thought if the house was clean, it was one less thing to be yelled at about. 

I’m slowly learning that it’s OK to leave dishes in the sink or have an unmade bed. A mess still makes me extremely anxious, but I’m doing my best not to pass it on to my kids.”