Queen’s Beloved Corgis Sandy And Muick Invited to Attend Committal Service In Windsor

To the quiet delight of the waiting crowd, two of the late queen’s beloved corgi dogs were invited to attend the procession for her committal service at Windsor Castle today.

Spotted outside St. George’s Chapel in Windsor on September 19, corgis Sandy and Muick awaited the arrival of their late owner’s coffin as it made its way from Wellington gate to the chapel inside Windsor Castle’s grounds.

queen elizabeth funeral corgis

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Sandy and Muick were gifted to the late monarch by her son Prince Andrew in February 2021, to keep her company when Prince Philip was hospitalized. The Duke and Duchess of York have now taken over responsibility for the dogs, following the Queen’s passing.

Many royal fans had expressed concern for the Queen’s dogs following her death, prompting the late monarch’s grandson Prince William to reassure well-wishers that there are plans for them to be taken care of.

‘I saw them the other day,’ he said to a woman in the crowd, captured on video by Sky News, ‘They’re going to be looked after fine. They’re two very friendly corgis and they’ve got a good home.’

On spotting Sandy and Muick paying their last respects, people took to Twitter to express their emotion about the touching moment:

The Queen owned over 30 corgis during her life. The first was a gift for her 18th birthday named Susan.