The 20 Best Casual Pants for Slacking Off In Style

The best casual pants are meant for one thing: slacking—albeit not completely. On days when you don’t have back-to-back meetings, haven’t RSVPed to a cocktail hour and dinner, or need not really, really impress anyone out and about, you’re gonna want to reach for, well…slacks.

In the taxonomy of trousers, slacks are characterized by a loose-fitting silhouette. They are a step below dress pants and one above jeans. They are laid-back, but not too laid-back. They are unequivocally comfortable, but imbue the necessary amount of spiffiness to still look and feel distinguished. And you also have a plethora of options; there is not one end all, be all style. From the standard, dependable chino to the rugged cargo to the more esoteric pleat, what constitutes the best casual pant is really dependent on the vibe you want to telegraph.

There are five subcategories: the aforementioned three, along with drawstring trousers (a style that has gained a lot of traction in these pandemic times) and tech pants (which tend to be the most movement-friendly of the bunch). It is always important to consider the occasion at hand when getting dressed. And when that occasion allows you to take it easy, get your hands on one or more of the best casual pants below.

The Best Chino Pants

The chino is a style usually made of pure cotton, sometimes mixed with synthetic fibers for extra stretch, and comes in every hue, khaki being the go-to. Since what feels like time immemorial (but really since the late 1800s), the style has been an integral part of a man’s wardrobe. In other words, we all need to cop chinos.

The Best Cargo Pants

The cargo is the most utilitarian trouser out there—so much so that it’s also called a utility pant. It’s distinguished by a looser fit, a panoply of sizable pockets, and heavy-duty material, usually a dense cotton or thick nylon.

The Best Tech Pants

Tech pants are all about performance. They are usually made of ripstop fabric, making them equal parts durable and lightweight, and resistant to chafing. And lest we forget the details: a whole surplus of pockets, zippers, and clips that allow you to move comfortably and hands-free in even the worst weather.

The Best Drawstring Pants

Yes, sweats are the comfiest things on the planet, but you just can’t wear them everywhere. If you want to have the ease of a stretchy waistband and the formality of regular pants, you’re in luck, because the market has never been so packed with drawstring trousers.

The Best Pleated Pants

For longer than should have been permitted, pleated pants had a bad rep. It’s a shame, because big, billowy trousers with precision folds look good and are super comfortable. And thanks to some of our favorite designers, the style is back and ready to be loved.

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