The Best Black Friday Tech Deals of 2022 So Far, and More of What to Expect

We don’t need to tell you twice that Thanksgiving is fast approaching. The recent, and instant weather change is the obvious the clue. But that’s likely not your main takeaway from sensing the howling cold winds or the sudden drop in temperature. Along with the imminent holiday, a long weekend spent not on contemplating the blessing of the harvest, but instead on shopping Black Friday sales is also upon us. So, cheers to autumn. Cheers to family. And cheers to going all Neo in The Matrix and diving into those digital shelves.

But if you’re here, you’re not here just to snag any Black Friday deals. You’ve likely come with a purpose of upgrading some kitchen appliances, home devices, or pure cool gadgets. They either really need an update after your years-on-end usage, or they’ve been in your bookmark tabs for longer than you’d like to admit. Those Samsung smart TVs, Dyson appliances, Bose speakers, Breville espresso machines, and anything by Apple… The desperation is taking you over, so let Black Friday 2022 tech deals fully grant your wishes.

Below, we’ve thoughtfully curated the truly best early tech and electronics deals this year’s Black Friday has to offer. Some of them are just as good as the main course from last year’s, and many of them won’t last too long before selling out. Thus, listen to your heart: I want these tech upgrades at Black-Friday-level discount, and I want them now. Indulge, then. No shame in being the early bird.

Best Black Friday Home Tech Deals

Best Black Friday Kitchen Tech Deals

Best Black Friday Personal Gadgets Deals

When is Black Friday 2022?

This year’s Black Friday saving event will dawn on us on November 25th, and the following Monday, November 28th, will see the return of Cyber Monday.

When to shop Black Friday tech deals?

Given the swift moves of so many retailers (particularly Amazon and its Prime Early Access Sale), it looks like 2022 will see earlier-than-ever (read: weeks in advance) holiday discounts leading up to the actual Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, along with all the glorious sales on electronics and appliances. That’s just fine. Surely you don’t mind being the early bird and scoring the best, most timely tech deals. So shop now, as you probably intend to.

What are the best Black Friday tech deals 2022?

It’s futile to specify. There’re simply too many—millions to tens of millions. We can thus only advise and recommend: Samsung or LG TVs, Dyson air purifiers and vacuums, Amazon smart home devices, Therabody percussive massagers, Sony audio gadgets, best-selling products from Apple, and best-and-brightest from De’Longhi, Breville, Vitamix—any premium kitchen appliance brands you can think of. And more. There’s always more. Which is why we’ve highlighted the best Black Friday tech deals above to help you narrow down the onslaught. Check ’em out here as we continue to update them.

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Get Expert Tech & Gadgets Advice, Every Day

Get Expert Tech & Gadgets Advice, Every Day

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