This Collab Will Make You Want to Wear a Suit Again

To paraphrase a much-beloved (if apocryphal) quote: Reports of the suit’s death have been greatly exaggerated. The folks at Sunspel know that’s the case, thanks in no small part to their shop in close proximity to the one run by tailoring brand Casely-Hayford on Chiltern Street in London. And when they started chatting with Charlie Casely-Hayford—who cofounded the company with his father, the late Joe Casely-Hayford OBE, in 2009—it became clear that they all wanted to help reboot the suit for the needs of a not-so-suit-friendly modern age.

“In lockdown, there was a general assumption that people will stop wearing suits, which we knew would not necessarily be the case,” says David Telfer, Sunspel’s creative director. “It would be a discussion of how they may evolve.” So Telfer and the rest of the Sunspel crew teamed with Casely-Hayford to create the next evolution of the menswear staple.

“We wanted to create pieces that transcend the preconceived ideas of how a suit can function in your wardrobe by combining our individual strengths—a garment that feels like a tracksuit but looks really elevated and can move easily between home, work, and going out in the evening with very little thought,” Casely-Hayford explains. “A truly versatile two-piece that works perfectly as separates too.”

The result of the project is not just one suit but a quartet of pieces that can mix and match freely with one another, all done up in a super-soft Italian cotton jersey. There’s a double-breasted jacket and a single-breasted one, both in Casely-Hayford’s signature, boxy cut, plus pants in pleated and flat-front varieties. The vibe is eminently relaxed, but still polished. Basically, it’s exactly what even the most avid sweatpants enthusiast would want from a suit in 2022.

“This collaboration explores what people now look for in a suit,” Telfer says, “with our interpretation being unstructured and extremely comfortable yet elevated and versatile to wear for any occasion.” Or, to put it another way: It’s tailored clothing you’ll actually want to wear, even when you don’t have to.

Double-Breasted Blazer

Sunspel and Casely-Hayford


Pleated Trouser

Sunspel and Casely-Hayford


Single-Breasted Blazer

Sunspel and Casely-Hayford


Elasticated Back Trouser

Sunspel and Casely-Hayford


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