You Can Buy Apple’s AirPods Pro on Amazon for Under $190

Remember when people didn’t judge one another by the brand of tech products they used? Those were some simpler times. Now it’s all Apple versus Samsung, iPhone versus Android, and wired headphones versus wireless earbuds. Yeah, we’re that far gone. But in all honesty, wireless earbuds do add usefulness and flare, and a pair of Apple AirPods nonetheless? That’s luxury. Over the past years, Apple’s AirPods have become practically synonymous with earbuds. Use them for Zoom calls, shuffling a morning playlist, or ignoring your nosy roommate, all while having that recognizably Apple look to show off. Yep, that’s me, in my Apple AirPods, too busy wearing them to talk.

Apple AirPods Pro



$189.99 (24% off)

To add the cherry on top, Amazon is now taking $60 off Apple’s AirPods Pro earbuds. Though the version shares similarities with the ubiquitous original AirPods—a sleek white design, H1 chip for easy pairing, and Apple’s signature Siri technology—it has a few noticeable upgrades. For starters, the AirPods Pro feature active noise-canceling to help immerse listeners in the sound. Their adaptive EQ technology also automatically tunes your podcast or playlist to the shape of your ear. While you can drown out the noise and submerge yourself in tranquillity, if you suddenly need to be more alert or talk to someone, AirPods Pro’s transparency mode can easily let you hear and re-connect with the world around you.

But, is the fit fire? Yes: The AirPods Pro feature three soft, customizable silicone tips, making each bud comfortable enough to wear all day long (thanks to their 24-hour battery life with the wireless charging case, you actually can). Not to mention this pair is both sweat- and water-resistant, therefore making it a killer accessory for grueling workouts or rainy days.

Normally, Apple sells AirPods Pro at $249, which is quite a cost; however, Amazon is shaving 24 percent off this asking price. It’s rare to see these under $190, so if you want to upgrade your time at home or simply upgrade your existing headphones, they’ll be well worth the investment.


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